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The art of Banqueting

Born in a Florence bakery, evolves through innovation, haute cuisine, and four generations.

Everything starts when Ennio Lenci is not yet born and his uncle Gino Guidi,will open the first luxury bread store in Florence, Via Marconi 66-68. In 1910, just before the World War I, Guidi bakery soon becomes renowned in Florence for its high quality and refined products. Uncle Gino taught Ennio all there was to know, and he gradually took the reins of the business by adding innovative ideas.


Thanks to his efforts, by the late 1950’s the classy bakery expanded with a pastry store. Ennio,by then wished to expand the business and dig up his old secret dream: haute cuisine. He started organizing his first dinners of haute cuisine in the houses of the high Tuscan aristocracy, Thus in the 1970’s, the ancient bakery ceased its activity, only to start the Guidi banqueting one. After more than 50 years in the catering business serving prestigious clients like Lady Diana and Papa Giovanni Paolo, we’re now at the fourth generation,constantly in the search of new ideas, proud of our roots and past which are also inspiration for our future.

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